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 Rich Maciejewski


After earning a  journalism degree from the University of Illinois Champaign-Urbana, I began photographing at the Baraboo News Republic and later at the Plymouth Review, documenting daily life in small-town Wisconsin of the 1970's and early '80's.

In 1983 I joined Kohler Co. where I served as a staff photographer and photo supervisor for three decades. Today my photography involves Wisconsin art and environment, and assignment work from select clients. I live in Madison, WI.


Recent work is featured in "Lenore Tawney Mirror of the Universe" published in 2019 by the John Michael Kohler Arts Center (JMKAC) in association with The University of Chicago Press (see here), which won the 2019 George Wittenborn Memorial Book Award, and “Eugene Von Bruenchenhein Mythologies” published in 2017 also in collaboration with JMKAC (see here). 

I am currently photographing the Wisconsin River as it flows through the Driftless Area of southwest Wisconsin, exploring the different meanings and emotions we take from this landscape.

To see more of my photography click here.

© 2022 by Richard Maciejewski

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